Mixers – ZAKU MR 1010 & 1200


Description :

electronic regulation of rotations

  • mixing adhesives, base coats , acrylic finishes, paints, glue, mortar, resins
  • drilling holes of big diameter
  • maximum torque 195/95 Nm
  • mechanical two-speed gearbox
  • high quality
  • long life tool


Parameters :
Max power 1010W
Rated voltage, frequency 230V or 115V, 50Hz
Max. drilling diameter in wood 50mm
Max. diameter of stirrer 160Nm
Stirrer chuck M14
Speed on idle run – first gear 0-300 obr/min
Speed on idle run – second gear 0-610 obr/min
Max rated current 4,5A
Rated moment – first gear 18Nm
Rated moment – second gear 9Nm
Maximum torque – first gear 195Nm
Maximum torque – second gear 95Nm
Second insulation class II
Dimensions 462x90x142mm
Weight 3,9kg