ZAKU RMECH GLOVES: WHEN DRILLING HOLES FOR EPS INSULATION PLUGS WHEN MIXING ADHESIVES AND FINISHES ANTI-VIBRATION PADS Protective gloves made of high quality cowhide connected with black cloth. - in the gripping part soft leather grain in yellow colour - on the wrist the fastening with Velcro, which enables convenient adjusting - high quality of leather makes ...
Abrasive  Finishing EPS  Rasp 165x365 made of  plastic
MINERAL WOOL knife 280mm
2 types blade 25 mm x300 mm for rockwool insulation boards with plastic handle € 55 for 10 No with wooden handle € 99 for 10 No
ZAKU Monocouche Render Scraper 01-1420
To scrape Monocouche plasters Plastic handgrip Zinc coated sheet with scrubbers Spikes 8mm 150x250 mm  
ZAKU Finishing Rasps
  Made of Stainless Steel, very high quality, long live tool. Used to roughen and smoothen EPS and mineral wool boards used for wall insulation sizes:                . -reveal 100x200mm -wall 190x325mm -corner 50x50x200mm   we can make other sizes 
Mixers – ZAKU MR 1010 & 1200
  Description : electronic regulation of rotations mixing adhesives, base coats , acrylic finishes, paints, glue, mortar, resins drilling holes of big diameter maximum torque 195/95 Nm mechanical two-speed gearbox high quality long life tool   Parameters : Max power 1010W Rated voltage, frequency 230V or 115V, 50Hz Max. drilling diameter in wood 50mm Max. diameter of stirrer 160Nm Stirrer chuck M14 Speed on idle run – first gear 0-300 obr/min Speed on ...
Smooth Stainless Float 130x320mm 01-0488
Code: 01-0478 New ! To apply base coats on EPS boards Made of 0.7mm thick stainless steel Two-component plastic handgrip 130x320 mm made of stainless steel, acid-proof, 0.7 mm thick, two component plastic handgrip (registered pattern), for finishing floors and applying mortars, adhesives and gypsum coats
Steel knife
Price € 2.88 plus Vat 12 / box   very strong , heavy duty
Abrasive Float ‘Raps’-type 0335 for reveals
Made of PS, perforated tinplate pad To strip and smooth reveals during insulation of walls 130 x 270 mm long