Thin-layer plaster for indoor and outdoor applications

0.1 – 0.8mm app 2.0 kg / m2

0.8 – 1.2mm app 3.5 kg / m2

1.0 – 1.6mm app 4.5 kg / m2

2mm app 5.0 kg / m2

  • Manufactured in several dozen colour arrangements
  • Ready to use
  • Resistant to weather conditions and to abrasion
  • Easy to keep clean

You can use  stencils to get brick effect.



Can be used on concrete , gypsum and sand, wood chip boards and cement  plaster (  prime surface before use)

ZAKU MOSAIC PLASTER is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls exposed to high wear:

at entrances, in hallways, stairwells, reception areas, pubs, restaurants, hotel receptions,

also on platforms, window and door reveals.

Container should be manually stirred before use.

If the need appears, it is possible to adjust the product consistency to the application conditions

by adding a small amount of clean water and mixing again.

Too much addition of water makes the application of the material impossible.

Use only stainless containers and tools.

The plaster should not be applied on wet walls and should be protected against too fast drying.