Glass fibre ZAKU MESH 160 gram 1x 50m


Fiberglass mesh  impregnated with alkali-resisting dispersion on latex basis.

European mesh has high resistance for chemical process.

This mesh is produced from fiberglass which not included hydroxide solutions of alkali metals and lime.

Product is made with high precision with constant fibre structure,

regular squares and solid surface it guarantee dimensional stability and alkali-resisting.

Fiberglass ZAKU MESH 160 is highly resistance on environmental conditions and ageing processes.

Applied for reinforcing in all EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION SYSTEMS in all types of buildings regardless of their height.

Can be also used as floor reinforcement.

  • Weight:170 g/m²
  • Square size: 3,7 x 4 mm
  • Color: White, Yellow, Blue
  • Roll width:1 m
  • Roll length:50 lm
  • Per pallet: 33 Rolls