VIDEO:      HW 1300 & HK 230

Hot Wire Foam Cutter

  • Portable — Weighs Only 18kg
  • Sets Up and Folds Down in Seconds
  • Cuts 270 EPS Foam at 90° and Harp Swings 90° for Angle Cuts
  • Cuts EPS Tapers and Cones
  • Aluminium Top
  • 110 Volts. Also Available in 220 Volts
  • Built-in 24″ Table Extension
  • Cutting Width 1300mm
  • Foot switch and box optional

It’s amazing what it will do! This hot wire machine weighs only 18 kilograms and is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. The hot wire will remain in any cutting height position that you choose.

Note: Heated Wire expands when hot. If the spring is too tight the wire may break restricting operation of mechanism. If too loose, thecut will be sloppy. Readjustment of tension may be necessary from time to time.

Safety Tips

• Use only the recommended wire.

• Do not use this equipment in wet or damp conditions.

• Use only grounded receptacles.