Plaster orange tape
Designed for sticking to rough surfaces. Ideal for Brick work or concrete 48mm x 50m 017-03-1-01
60 day contractor tape
For window frames, glass, aluminium, wood and marble protection 48mm x 50m Easy On and Easy Off 60 Days Clean Removal for Technical Data Sheet:
ZAKU SAF 30 Self-adhesive Foil
Product description ZAKU SAF 30 - SELF-ADHESIVE PROTECTION FILM Protection film  is used to protect surface from dirt and damage during plastering works. . Used for protecting following surfaces: - Painted metals (PVDF, polyester) -aluminium -stainless steel -plastic - glass . Technical data: Carrier Polyethylene Carrier colour blue Total thickness [mm] 0,050 Application temperature °C 10°C to 40°C Adhesive (inner side) Acrylic water based Adhesion (inner side) ...