For fixing cameras, flag holders, heavy signs & downpipes  in EWI Systems. different sizes available INCLUDES: NYLON PLUG MAIN SCREW SPRING WASHER FIXING SCREW Also used for fixing lamps & sensors.  
EOTA 08/0204   MADE OF HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC: Sizes :  10mm diameter 70mm- 260mm lengths Nails: plastic ŁI 3AL metal with plastic head ŁI 3A...Mt polyamide ŁI 3A YOUR OWN LOGO NO NAME ANY RAL COLOUR WE CAN PACK IN CARD BOXES OR BAGS
NEW HIGH QUALITY: ZAKU '' K2 INDUSTRIAL LINE '' DRILL BIT    8 x 260 mm - for eps plugs (min order 200 No. ) ZAKU '' K2 INDUSTRIAL LINE ''  drill bit is amongst the best in terms of its speed, life and endurance. FOR STONE AND CONCRETE HIGH QUALITY ZAKU  '' K2 INDUSTRIAL LINE ''  - New ...
ZAKU Spiral Installation Fixings
ZAKU Spiral Installation Fixing Sizes available: 50,80,100 & 120mm PVC fixing with stainless steel screw – 3.5×35 mm*For the fastening of downpipes, post boxes, motion detectors, cables and lightweight light fixtures, signs in EPS material ZAKU SF 50mm ZAKU SF 80mm ZAKU SF 100mm ZAKU SF 120mm screw 3.5 x 35 mm 3.5 x 35 ...
ZAKU Cable Fixing
For the fastening cables and lightweight pipes. ZAKU  cable fixings clip is made of polypropylene and consists of a serrated profile and a fastening seat. It is used to mount both wires and plastic pipes. Fixing is done by putting the object on the band and its fastening with the serrated ...
Chain and Washing Lines Mounting Set
Chain and Washing Lines Mounting Set 1 no of 12 mm x 240mm galvanised eye hook, 1 no of 20mm PVC plug
ZAKU Satellite Dish Mounting Set
Satellite Dish Mounting Set 4 no of 12mm x 240 mm galvanised screws, 8 no of nuts and 4 no of 20mm PVC plugs Note: could be also used to hang heavy objects for example : gates, flower boxes, lamps.