Derby Aluminium Float
Derby Float h1308 1310 1309
Derby Aluminium Float "h" Made of aluminium h - profile Used during plaster work to remove excessive mortar from plaster Lengths: 1000mm -type 1308 1500mm -type 1309 2000mm -type 1310
Stucco Trowel 0945
Stucco Trowel 0945
For acrylic finishes Made of stainless steel, 0.8 mm thick Two component plastic handgrip Width 100 mm
Plastic float with sponge 0393
Plastic float with sponge 0393
Made of PS, sponge 20 mm thick Size: 140×280 mm Two component plastic handgrip / registered pattern/ Thick soft sponge with small pores
Stainless Stripping Knife 0535.
Made of stainless steel, acid-proof, 0.45 mm thick Plastic handgrip two component ( G-14 ),registered pattern For putting mineral and acrylic base coat plaster 2-4 mm – EWIS systems Width: 600 mm
ZAKU Plastic Float, smooth one 0375.
Made of ABS, plate 3 mm thick, Two component plastic handgrip Suitable for quality surfacing acrylic and mineral finish coats size 130×270 mm
Abrasive float Raps – type 0343
Made of PS, perforated tinplate pa,(registered pattern) To strip and smooth Polystyrene plates during insulation of walls 160 x 380 mm handgrip G-16 /registered pattern/
Double Spiral Mortar Beater 1211
600mm long diameter  Ø 120mm M 14 threded end To mix adhesives and acrylic finishes -  
Steel Blades
Steel Blades for EWIS systems – to cut glass-fibre mesh.